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Deep Analysis for Deep-Sequencing of Cancer Genome

Led by internationally recognized cancer biologists, oncologists, and cancer informatics scientists, Genomic Future provides our customers with cancer genome/transcriptome deep-sequencing and deep analysis using a seamlessly integrated cancer informatics workflow from raw sequence data to biologically meaningful hypotheses and discoveries on driver mutations, biomarkers, therapeutic targets, and drug repositioning.

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OncoDecoder Analysis Pipelines
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What we offer:

Genome/transcriptome deep sequencing
Mutation detection and analysis
CNV and SNVs detection and analysis
RNA-Seq expression analysis
Small RNA-Seq analysis
Methylation analysis
Pathway analysis
Cross-tumor comparison analysis
Clinical correlation analysis

White Paper, Case Study & Research Report:

White Paper: OncoDecoder: The First Comprehensive NextGen Data Deep Analysis bioinformatics Workbench for Human Cancer Research
Case Study: Whole Exome Sequencing of Human Melanoma Reveals Important Gene Mutations
Research Report: OncoDecoder SNP/Indels Detection Makes Difference From Sequencing Vendor's Variant Data
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